Marion Runciman1

(say 1781 - aft. 1810)
Father*Thomas Runciman (m. Elspeth KEMP)2 (circa Jan 1750 - )
Mother*Elspeth Kemp3 (circa Mar 1751 - )


     Marion Runciman was born say 1781 ?Innerwick, ELN, SCT, date a complete guess, but assumed to be nearish to husband Walter's, and not older than usual when married Walter (1806). As her maternal grandmother appears to be Grizel (COCKBURN), it is also assumed that Marion would not be the first daughter. Not that the naming pattern would appear not to be that important for this family as Ann precedes Alison, the name of her paternal grandmother (all of which assumes the tree is as presented here.)1,3
Marion Runciman married Walter Runciman, son of Peter Runciman and Jane Smith, on 23 Aug 1806 Edinburgh, MLN, SCT; Transcr. of Innerwick entry shows: "Edinburgh Aug 23rd - Walter Runciman sailor and Marion Runciman of Innerwick parish were married irregularly by Joseph Robertson Minister. The said Marion Runciman having applied to get her marriage sustained and registered after rebuke: the same (illegible) was ordered and a certificate allowed her upon removal from the parish"
The Edinburgh entry however, for the same date, read: "Willm (sic) Runciman sailor & Marion Runciman Daughter of Thos Runciman Plewman Thorntonloch Gave up their Names for marriage Willm McKay & Alexr McKay"
Given the exact date Innerwick and Edinburgh, "Willm"'s occupation, William in Edinburgh just has to be Walter.1,4,5,6,2,3
     Marion Runciman died aft. 1810; date assumes son Walter was born around 1810. Wonder who brought him up if Marion did indeed die around 1811 as indicated on the earliest of Sir Steven's charts?7,8
The two 1806 marriage entries, Innerwick and Edinburgh, same day, with the Innerwick one cross-referencing the Edinburgh one, look to prove Sir Steven's grandfather's belief that Marion and Walter were cousins or 2nd cousins (1977 and 1985). This being despite the Edinburgh version calling him "Willm sailor" instead of Walter, but at least they give Marion's father and a place of Thorntonloch, which is where their shared grandfather Thomas was at his marriage. This identification makes them first cousins.
Sir Steven's great uncle Thomas, himself an artist, thought there was a connection to Alexander and John RUNCIMAN, artists (q.v.) The 1977 tree shows "but he was not sure how". By 1985 she has turned into their niece, and this is repeated in a 1995 letter to Don RUNCIMAN which states " according to my great-uncle Thomas, a niece of theirs called Marion married her second cousin , Thomas Runciman. Thomas and Marion were my great great grandparents." But he adds that he's never been able to check the "niece".
Yes there was a Marion married to a Thomas RUNCIMAN, she was buried in Edinburgh in 1811.
Yes Sir Steven's great great grandmother was Marion RUNCIMAN and yes she married her first cousin, but he was Walter, not Thomas. The relationship to the artists appears to have crystalized to a niece. To date we do not have any male siblings for Alexander and John, but do know that Alexander had a son John, a silversmith in London before the early 1800s - and that Marion's father was Thomas.
Additional family lore from Sir Steven's grandfather was that Marion was the link between his RUNCIMAN tree and that of Wanton Walls (1985). Sir Steven adds that his grandfather "was rather inaccurate".
This latter Wanton Walls link does seem unlikely given what we now know about the respective trees, but the RUNCIMAN DNA project has proven that there is indeed a genetic connection between the families.2,5,9,10,8,3


     Click here to see Marion's page on WikiTree, a (free) collaborative on-line tree.11


Walter Runciman (Aug 1785 - Oct 1851)
ChartsLineage 1c: Robert & Janet (SINCLAIR) RUNCIMAN of Dunbar (#1)
Lineage 1c: Robert & Janet (SINCLAIR) RUNCIMAN of Dunbar (#2)
Last Edited23 May 2013


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